Pool Pump Repair

Pool Pump Repair

Repairs and maintenance are inevitable elements of keeping a swimming pool in good working order, whether it’s a private backyard pool or a large commercial or public pool. If you regularly maintain a pool and make necessary repairs, it will continue to run smoothly and efficiently. A broken or inefficient pool pump is a common source of maintenance issues. If you don’t service the pump periodically, it could lose efficiency or break down entirely. Coconut Pools & Spas is the go-to service for pool pump repair if you’ve identified the source of your pool’s problems as the pump. Our crew has worked on countless residential and pool pumps over the years.

Pool Pump Repair

Pool pump repair makes sense when:

  • You don’t want to have the pump’s piping fixed.
  • The pump’s motor is rather recent, no more than five years old.
  • Repairing the motor or other parts is more cost-effective than buying a new pool pump.

Signs that you need pool pump repair

Old age

Although all pumps eventually fail, pool pumps typically last for up to twelve years. They can create priceless recollections with loved ones. But a pump will need replacement at some point. At that point, you might notice problems like worn bearings, an overheating motor, or a slow starting time. In the event of any of these problems, it is best to have a professional from your preferred pool service examine the system. They will be able to determine if a replacement pump is necessary.

Severe or constant pump leaks

In the case of pools, leaks should always be treated as a cause for concern. Leaks in a swimming pool can be either air or water-based. The majority of air leaks in pools are due to detached pumps or pump lids that have come loose. However, water leaks may be even more destructive. Water loss, cloudy water, pool water damage, and other issues may arise as a result of a leaking shaft seal or side suction. Professional pool pump repair is necessary for a leaking pool pump, not just because of the leak itself but also because of the consequential damage.

Less water circulation

Small air leaks in a pool pump are typical and will not affect the pump’s performance. But greater air leaks can hinder the pump’s ability to circulate water around the pool. This could be due to improperly fitted, worn down, or damaged parts. Seek the assistance of a pool pump repair provider if it appears that the pump is not functioning properly.

Turns off constantly

If your pool pump continues to shut off by itself, it could be because the motor is overheating and has to cool down before it can restart. In order to save the pump from completely failing, you must investigate the issue and fix it as quickly as possible. Delayed maintenance or repair of a broken pump part can lead to the eventual need to replace the part. If you want an accurate diagnosis, hire a professional pool pump repair company like Coconut Pools & Spas.

Your pump is making weird noises

Due to the strain placed on the pool pump, you can hear strange noises when there’s insufficient water in the pool. Any unusual sounds emanating from the pump should serve as a warning. The sounds could indicate that your filter is no longer purifying the water or that the level of water is incorrect. When air, instead of water, enters the system, it creates enormous pressure. This, in turn, causes vibrations if the filter is malfunctioning. Find out where the noise is coming from at the pump and call a pool expert for more help fixing the problem.

Low water level

The water in your pool is drawn into the pump and pushed through the filter. This helps maintain the cleanliness and stability of your pool. However, you may have an issue if you’ve seen the water level in your pool dropping even when the pump is on.

Pool Pump Repair

Debris can get caught in the impeller of a pool pump, which spins like a propeller to move water to the filter. In this instance, the impeller’s interior will need to clean out the debris.

Other causes of damage:

The pump suffers more damage in ways than the conventional ones, such as cracked volutes, missing o-rings, broken baskets, and clogged diffusers or impellers. This may be due to a number of factors, including incorrectly installed parts, low voltage, plants blocking the way, etc. Whatever the worry is, Coconut Pools & Spas can manage it with ease.

Need help with your pool pump repair?

Keeping up with routine maintenance and preventing any potential long-term problems is key. Without a working pool pump, the water in your pool would not circulate and would quickly become murky and unsanitary. Let Coconut Pools & Spas take care of your pool pump repair so you don’t have to worry about it or spend money on repairs. It will also allow your magnificent pool to live beyond its estimated lifespan. Contact us today!

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