Pool Repairs 2022

Pool Repairs 2022

Most swimming pools become vulnerable to wear and tear after several years. Consequently, you’ll have to conduct pool repairs from time to time in the long run. There are different types of pool repairs; some include fixing structural and surface cracks. If your pool needs repair, ensure you hire a reputable pool service company like Coconut Pools and Spas. At Coconut Pools and Spas, we have highly experienced and trained experts who deliver the best pool repairs.

Pool Repairs 2022

The most common pool repairs 2022

Pool leaks: Identifying and fixing pool leaks

If you suspect that your pool has a leak, fix it immediately. However, you need to confirm the location of the leak. At times, the water levels in your pool drop due to high evaporation. It would be best to hire a professional to detect the pool leak for you. Alternatively, you can conduct a bucket test to determine whether you have a pool leak.

The bucket test

When performing the bucket test, fill a bucket with water and place it on the steps of the pool. Mark the water level of the pool and the bucket. Using a calibrated bucket is a good idea. Leave the bucket and the pool for 24 hours and check the new water level. If the pool water level drops more than the bucket, the pool may experience a leak. When the water level of the pool and the bucket have gone down by the same amount, this indicates normal pool evaporation.

How to Repair Cracked Concrete

Repairing a concrete pool crack is not as simple as most people think. The technique used to repair the crack varies depending on the type of crack. Minor cracks are relatively simple to repair. On the flip side, large cracks need more intense repair techniques. Regardless of the type of crack, ensure you repair it immediately. Otherwise, it would widen and become worse by the day.

Fixing a concrete crack requires you to drain the pool. Once you empty the pool, expand the crack using a chisel as you remove all loose materials in the area. Etch the area to create a smooth surface, then use epoxy to patch the area.

Plastering a swimming pool

Does your swimming pool have a plaster coating? Compared to other pool finish options, plaster is more susceptible to wear and tear. The constant exposure to pool chemicals causes the plaster to gradually chip. As a result, plaster pools tend to become rough to the touch. Also, chipped plaster attracts large algae breeding grounds. Fortunately, you can fix chipped plaster by patching. Nonetheless, if there’s extensive damage to the plaster, you’ll have to replaster the pool. On average, pool owners need to replaster the pool every seven to ten years.

Recoating fiberglass pool

Fiberglass pools are popularly known for their durability. Even so, their gelcoat surfaces can fade over time. When this happens, you may have to recoat the entire fiberglass pool. Recoating a fiberglass pool requires you to empty the pool first. Then, recoat the whole shell using Gelcoat or epoxy paint; it depends on your preference. Epoxy paint increases the aesthetics of the fiberglass pool.

Patching a vinyl pool liner

Vinyl pool liners are well known for their affordability. However, vinyl liners tend to wear and tear after some time. Vinyl pool owners need to replace the liner every four to seven years. It would be best to purchase a thick vinyl liner that is highly resistant to damage. Consult your pool contractor on the best type of vinyl liner to purchase. If the vinyl liner has small tears, you don’t have to replace the entire liner. All you have to do is bring in a professional to fix the minor tears. Ensure the new liner matches the pool design.

How to Patch a Vinyl Pool Liner

The first thing to do is to use sandpaper to roughen the area. Afterward, apply solvent cement to the area, including the back of the liner patch. Leave the solvent cement to dry. When it’s sticky, start applying the patch.

Pool Repairs 2022

Loss of Grout in a Tiled Pool

Pool tiles tend to lose their grout due to low calcium levels in the pool water. After some years of using your pool, take time to reapply the grout and fix the tiles. Also, ensure the pool has the right calcium levels.

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It is clear to see the most common pool repairs. Always employ a professional pool construction company to conduct your pool repairs. At Coconut Pools and Spas, we deliver the best pool repair services. Our pool service experts have extensive experience in conducting pool repairs. They also focus on meeting all your requirements. If you need any pool repairs do not hesitate to contact us.

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