Green Pool Clean Up

So your pool has gone green! Uh, oh what do you do now? Well, to start don’t panic. A green pool is usually not as big of a deal as the homeowner thinks it is. Depending on how old your pool water is your green pool clean up might start with a drain, chlorine rinse of the entire pool shell and filter and then refill with fresh water. If it is the middle of summer and temps are over 100 degrees this may not be the best plan.

If draining the green pool is not option, the next best option is to treat the pool chemically. This typically involves a combination of shock treatment, algaecides and phosphate remover along with filter cleaning to remove the contaminants from the water. 

Green to Clean Pool Service in Gilbert

Most cities actually have rules against green pools. This is because green pools can harbor mosquitos and aid in their reproduction. And no one enjoys having more mosquitos around! Because of the the city can and may fine you if they discover that your green pool needs cleaning. 

Chlorine Rinse Green Pool
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