Pool Heater Repair

A pool heater is a great way to extend your pool season. You can usually add 2-4 months onto your pool swimming season with a pool heater! Consider that our swim season is already around 4-6 months long, a heater really helps you get the most of your pool all year long. Even when the weather outside is a bit too chilly you can turn your pool heater on and set it to the desired temperature for comfortable swimming. But when your heater stop working or displays an error code… now what are you going to do? Call today and get a quote to repair your pool heater in Gilbert, AZ. 

There are many different problems that could be causing you pool heater to not work. Some of the issues are simple and can be fixed right there on the spot.

Gilbert Pool Heater Repair

Some things you can check before calling for service:

  • Check to make sure the pool filter is clean
  • Check to make sure the pool pump is turned on high speed
  • Check the heater bypass valve to make sure it is oriented correctly

Another great checklist of items you can check yourself before call a pool heater technician can be found heater: Pool Heater Tips.

If you are on weekly pool service, these items should all be ok. If all the items above were addressed and the pool heater is still not turning on and heating the water, you may need a repair. Call today to get a quote to have your heater repaired.

Some common pool heater problems include:

  • Faulty pressure switch
  • Faulty flow switch
  • Damaged wiring
  • Damaged heater core
In some instances it may be more cost effective to replace the heater with a new unit. Some repairs are quite expensive when compared to the cost of replacing the unit with a brand new heater. Some repairs that might warrant replacement include heat exchanger replacement. 

Regardless of whether you need repair or replacement, we are here to help. Call today for a free quote.
Pool Heater Repair Gilbert
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