Pool Assessments

Owning a home with a pool is a dream come true. Pools are fantastic for throwing parties and making lasting experiences with family and friends. Buying a home with a pool, on the other hand, can quickly transform from an asset to a headache if you’re not careful. That is why, before closing on a house, a home inspection with a swimming pool is required. Our pool and spa assessment service includes a thorough analysis of the current state of all pool equipment and components. 

As the local Pool assessment experts in Phoenix, we provide professional pool & spa assessment service in Gilbert, Arizona.

Pool Condition Report Service in Gilbert


The purpose of a placement assessment is to determine the location of the pool or spa in order to rule out any potential safety issues. Fencing, gates, screen enclosures, proximity to electrical cables, location of electrical outlets, and proximity to the home are all factors to consider.


The pool lights, the existence of GFCI devices, the condition and location of junction boxes, pumps, filters, pipelines, timers, disconnects, heaters, controllers, accessories, skimmers, and the testing of electrical bonding are all included in the equipment assessment.


The pump’s operation, the pool’s above-ground leaks, appropriate skimming, the filtration system’s functioning, heater activation, filter pressure, and the operation of the spa blower and other pumps are all part of the operation assessment procedure.


The state of the pool and deck surface (cracks and discolouration) as well as the coping surrounding the pool area are all part of the vessel assessment (open joints, cracking). Drains are also checked for anti-vortex covers and that they are in good working order.

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