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Gilbert AZ Pool Light Repair

We repair pool lights in Gilbert, AZ but before you call, first make your your GFCI is not tripped. All pool lights are equipped with GFCI safety protection and you can reset the GFCI and see if the light works

There are many possible causes of pool light failure and the first thing to start with is a pool light diagnosis to identify exact what is wrong and what will be required to fix it again.

Some possible pool light problems can be:

Pool light switch failure

Pool light GFCI failure

Loose or improper wiring

Pool light breaker failure

Pool light fixture failure

If you have a low voltage pool light you could have a faulty transformer.

LED Pool Light Replacement in Gilbert, AZ

If you are considering replacing that tired, old white halogen light for a new, bright LED color-changing light then call today to learn more. The newer lights are much brighter and the party modes with the light effects really make your pool pop.


Even if your current light is the old style halogen light, there are newer LED color-changing lights that are made to retrofit into your existing pool light niche. So it is possible to add a brighter, LED light to just about any pool now days. Just call today to discuss your project details for a free quote for LED pool light replacement in Gilbert.

Gilbert Pool Light Repair
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