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There are so many more things you would rather be doing than dealing with a broken down pump now you are having to quickly scramble to find something in Gilbert qualified to proved a pool pump repair. And it always seem like they break at the worst time, right in the middle of the summer heat! Well, this is actually true because this is when the pool pump and motor are under the most stress. If you need helping getting your pump up and running give us a call or send us a message with the form to get in contact for a free quote.

There are many different problems that could be needed in a pool pump repair. In the picture on the right, this pool pump in Gilbert, AZ needed a new pump housing. The previous pump housing cracked and was leaking. The customer called and was able to send some pictures over text message and received a quote for her repair right over the phone. She agreed to the service and her pool was up and running in just a couple days.

Fixed Right The First Time

Other common Gilbert Pool Pump Repairs:

  • Pool pump union repair
  • Pool pump shaft seal repair
  • Pool pump not priming
  • Pool pump over-amping and tripping the breaker
  • Pool pump seal plate repair
  • Pool pump impeller clog

Another great checklist of items you can check yourself before call a pool pump repair technician can be found here: Pool pump repair tips.

If you are on weekly pool service, these items should all be caught early to prevent future damage.

In some instances it may be more cost effective to replace the pool pump with a new one. New pool pumps use variable speed technology and save hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs. New pool pumps also have much quieter operation and come with a manufacturer warranty.

Regardless of whether you need Gilbert pool pump repair or replacement, we are here to help. Call today for a free quote.
Gilbert Pool Pump Repair
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